Freedom In Christ is an international, interdenominational organization that exists to equip and resource the body of Christ to be alive and free in Him. On this site you'll find prayers and declarations for all ages and situations, information on our resources and teachings, as well as links to other Freedom In Christ offices and representatives around the world, and much more! For those on Facebook and YouTube, we also invite you to join us there.

Meet Canadian Director Ken Cyr

Rev. Ken Cyr has been a pastor for 27 years and has used Freedom In Christ materials for counseling and discipleship teaching for about 25 of those years. In 2008, Ken joined Freedom In Christ Canada as a Ministry Associate and worked with the team participating in conferences, teaching and preaching.

Ken has served as the Director of Freedom In Christ since 2015. He comes to Freedom In Christ Canada with years of experience ministering to people and a desire to help others seek their growth and freedom. Ken also has a passion to work with pastors and churches helping equip them for service, building the Kingdom of God through the important ministry of discipleship.

Ken and his wife Cindy have three boys: Sean (Ashley), Joel (Carolyn) and Marc (Kim). Their boys are faithful servers in the churches they attend and one is a youth pastor. Ken and Cindy also have five grandchildren.

If you wish support Ken in his ministry, please visit www.CanadaHelps.org and search "Freedom In Christ Canada."


Discipleship Counselling Training

Discipleship Counseling Webinar
Discipleship Counselling Training can be taken online upon request. This course trains individuals in your church to counsel others using The Steps to Freedom In Christ. True disciples are produced by inner transformation.

Contact our office to arrange dates. We can host up to 50 participants. The minimum number of participants is 10.

Restored Webinar

The Steps to Freedom In Christ is a key element to effective discipleship and growth. If you are a believer who has struggled in your faith, if you struggle with depression or your thought life, if you have struggles with the pain of unforgiveness or loss, then going through this process is an important step towards spiritual wholeness. The seven steps include occult, false teaching, forgiveness, rebellion, pride, guilt, personal sin and ancestral sin.

Once a month we take participants through The Steps to Freedom In Christ live online. Its usefulness is for those who have no Ministry Associates (MAs) in their area. It also available to assist MAs so they can focus on praying for their participants. For this reason, registration for Ministry Associates is free. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me (Ken).

Freedom In Christ Canada YouTube Channel

FIC YouTube Channel
Join Ken as he shares a video blog about Freedom In Christ Ministries Canada. The videos can be viewed on YouTube by visiting or subscribing to our channel.

As Christians, we go about quite oblivious to what is going on in the spirit world. We are too often unaware that we have an enemy that infiltrates our thought lives and the thought lives of others. He desires to destroy Christians and their relationships. Most importantly he wants to isolate us from God. The good news is God has given us everything we need to engage in that mental battle.