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Freedom In Christ Canada

Proclaiming Freedom Across Canada Since 1992!

Restored! (Living Free in Christ)

If you have received Christ as your personal Saviour, He has set you free. You will still have conflicts in your life, but you can overcome them because of your position in Christ as a child of God. The seminar sessions will provide Biblical foundational teaching about your identity in Christ, reveal to you areas of personal and spiritual conflict in your life and lead you to a personal encounter with God, the Wonderful Counselor.

Discipleship Counseling

Discipleship Counseling is a one-day training seminar for those who would like to learn how to help others find their identity and freedom in Christ. This training will provide the background to explain why The Steps to Freedom in Christ process is so effective in helping people resolve personal and spiritual conflicts in their lives. You will also learn the practical aspects of taking someone through the Steps.

Setting Your Church Free

Setting Your Church Free is the corporate extension of the personal Steps to Freedom in Christ. Church leadership, after completing the personal steps, takes action on behalf of the church body to repent of sin, walk in the light, speak the truth in love, submit to God and resist the devil. Areas dealt with in this process include Church Strengths, Church Weaknesses, Church Memories, Corporate Sins, and Attacks of Spiritual Enemies. The process is completed with the forming of a Prayer Action Plan.