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Freedom In Christ Canada

Proclaiming Freedom Across Canada Since 1992!

Baby Dedication

Dear Heavenly Father, I thank you for loving me and giving me eternal life in Jesus Christ. I am Your child, purchased by the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ who gave His life for me. I renounce any claim of personal ownership and announce my responsibility to be a good steward of that which you have entrusted to me. I dedicate myself to You as a living sacrifice, and I commit myself to know You and do Your will. I commit myself to bring up my children in the discipline and instruction of the Lord. I know that children are a gift from the Lord, and I dedicate them to You for as long as they shall live. I reject any claim that Satan may have over them; they belong to the Lord Jesus Christ. I renounce any Satanic sacrifices that were offered for my children whereby Satan may claim ownership. I announce that Jesus paid the price for each of my children and they belong to Him. As for me and my house we shall serve the Lord. I do all this in the wonderful name of Christ Jesus my Lord. Amen.

For Their Salvation

Dear Heavenly Father, I bring my (sons and/or daughters) before You. I stand against the blinding of Satan that would keep them from believing and seeing the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ (2 Corinthians 4:4). I take the authority that is mine because of my position in Christ, and I exercise that authority over Satan in regards to my family and all that You have entrusted to me, Heavenly Father. In the name of Jesus, I take authority over speculation and every lofty thing raised up against the knowledge of God in the minds of my children

(2 Corinthians 10:5). I tear down those strongholds and bring their minds into captivity in order to obey Christ. By the authority that I have in Christ and in obedience to the great commission to make disciples, I command Satan to release the minds of my children so that they may obey God. I declare myself and all that You have entrusted to me to be eternally signed over to the Lord Jesus Christ. Based on Your Word according to 1 John 5:16, I am asking You to give spiritual life to my (sons and/or daughters). I pray that You would enable me to be the kind of parent that You want me to be. May I never be the kind of parent that would be a stumbling block to my children. Enable me to be a positive witness and a living epistle for all those who don’t know You. I ask this in the name and authority of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

For Their Protection

Dear Heavenly Father, I ask for Your divine protection for my (sons and/or daughters) as they are absent from me. I pray that You would put a hedge of protection around them so that all harmful influences would be unable to affect them. I commit them to You for Your care, and I assume all my responsibilities for training them in the Lord. I also assume the responsibility for their attitudes and actions that are the result of my training. I ask for Your Holy Spirit to guard their hearts and their minds, and bring to their minds all that they have learned according to Your Word. I pray that when they are tempted You would provide them with a way of escape, and that they would not be led into temptation beyond that which they are able to endure. I ask that the way they live may be a witness to Your presence in their life. May whatever they do be done to the glory of God. I ask this in the precious name of my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen.

For Their Rebellion

Dear Heavenly Father, I ask in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and through His shed blood that You would rebuke Satan and prohibit him from having any harmful influence on (my sons and/or daughters). Forgive me for any negative influence that I may have had on them that they would choose to rebel against You. I pray that You would give me the grace to ask their forgiveness for my sin in regards to this matter. I ask for the wisdom and the grace to be the kind of parent that You want me to be. I confess the sins of my children (list all the known sins) and assume my responsibility in their actions. I pray that You would build a hedge of thorns around them such that all harmful influences would lose interest, and that my children would come to their senses and return to righteous relationships and living. I pray for the grace to welcome them home or the guidance to find a place of refuge for their good. Teach me to love my children but hate their sin. I ask this in the precious name of Jesus. Amen.

For Their Future

Dear Heavenly Father, I ask for divine guidance for my (sons and/or daughters). I trust that You have already gone before them and prepared a place for them. You have known my children from the foundation of the world. I trust them into Your hands and pray for wisdom as to how I should relate to them in the future. I release them from all my expectations and entrust them to be what You want them to be. I pray for their future spouses and that You would give them wisdom in choosing a life partner. Should You bless them with children, may I be the grandparent that You would want me to be. I pray as Jesus prayed, that you would keep them from the evil one and sanctify them in Your Word for Your Word is truth. I ask this in the name of my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Amen.

For an Adopted Child

Dear Heavenly Father, we thank You for entrusting (name) to our care. We declare (name) to be under Your authority. We dedicate this child to You, Heavenly Father, and ask for Your protection and guidance as we commit ourselves to do all we can to lead him/her to an understanding of Your saving grace. We stand against all the devices of Satan that would keep this child in bondage. We renounce the sins of this child’s ancestors and all curses that have been passed on from generation to generation. We announce that Christ became a curse for this child when He was crucified on the cross. We renounce all Satanic sacrifices that have been made on behalf of this child and renounce any claim of ownership that Satan may have. We announce only the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ as any claim of ownership for (name). We pray for a hedge of protection around this child all the days of his/her life. We ask this in the strong name of Jesus who reigns supreme as the sovereign Lord of the universe. Amen.